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Ucheer Health Tech was established in 2006. Main sales are invention of computer scales and control system. The President of Ucheer, Larry Chen has been in the industries for over 30 years. The team is running with the concept of Professional, Technology and Service. To serve our customers with attitude “Life, Energy and Health and “Wisdom, Technology and Speed”.

“Ucheer” means to cheer, to go forward and to applaud.
We formed R & D team of executives in 2010 and started to invent new products and it was expected to break the cocoon for leaving a new page on the company history. In 2011 the first invention - Kinect Energy Dumbbell- was born.

In 2012, we sensed the importance of “LohaSport”. The R & D team now heads towards this path. Therefore there were new creations made continually - Exercise Bowstring, Rotating Dumbbell, Flourishing Tai-Chi and Rustling Dumbbell.

In July 2012, we applied U2ME as our product brand logo, and some other LohaSport products were also born such as U2ME Health Chair, and U2ME uFlectere.

In August 2012, we officially promoted our concept of Lohas Sport domestically, even internationally. We look forward to a new era of "LohaSport".

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